Entering date in to date field issue

I actually want to enter dynamic dates from excel in to date filed. My date field only accept numbers. SO please help me how should i type in date numbers in to it.

after you read from excel, format the date as a string (ddMMyyyy)

Hi @sravani22
you can use a type into activity with this yourDate.tostring("ddMMyyyy")

my date field accepts only numeric values reda, yourDate.tostring(“ddMMyyyy”) becomes string

Thanks Tim. But if i format date to string, my date field is not accepting string values

surely the field should be able to accept typing in a string value?
01/01/2019 would become 01012019 when using yourDate.tostring(“ddMMyyyy”)

Have you an example of what you would type in manually?

If I do that, I am getting following error:
option strict on disallows implicit conversions from string to integer

You have to convert it to a date field to then apply the string format

Also I noticed the order of dateformat so I have amended the string

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