Entering a Password in to a website - encryption process

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I have a demanding customer who wants to know everything about how automation works

There question is, when a password is entered in to a website e.g facebook, how does this process work?

So I have the password stored as a credential in orcestrator and password is retrieved in to secure string variable in the reframework, and typed in to the password field using the type secure text activity

Does the password always remain encrypted as it is fetched from the Orch and typed in to the password field in facebook, or is there ever a point where the bot has to decrypt the password so it can type it in to the password field?

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Hi @jordrowley

Since you have stored the username/password credential in the orchestrator, the system will automatically encrypts & decrypts the data using AES 256 Algorithm. You don’t have to manually do any decryption while typing it in the password field of the site. Even when the bot types the data in the field, it will type it as a secure string & will not be visible to the user in it’s decrypted form.

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Hey Arjun - sorry I am late replying. Your answer is brilliant - just what I needed. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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