Enter Korean Words from excel to web

I have an excel which have korean words. I want to enter those words into a web page. How can i do it?

Hello @Srinivas_Billalavalasa

  1. Use the ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity to open the Excel file.

  2. Use the ‘Read Range’ activity to read the data into a datatable.

  3. Use a ‘For Each Row’ activity to loop through the datatable:
    a. Inside the loop, use the ‘Type Into’ activity to input the Korean word into the web page using the appropriate selector and row("ColumnName").ToString for the text.

    b. Add a short ‘Delay’ activity (e.g., 1 second) if needed to allow the web page to process the input.

  4. Close the Excel file using the ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity.

  5. Your UiPath automation will enter each Korean word into the web page one by one.

Thanks for reply…

My doubt was … is UiPath able to handle korean words or not?


Yes, UiPath is capable of handling Korean words and other non-English characters. UiPath is Unicode-compliant, which means it can process and display text in multiple languages, including Korean.

But, When working with Korean words or any non-English characters in UiPath, you should ensure the following:

  • Character encoding settings in your automation are set to support Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16).
  • You should have the necessary input method editor (IME) installed and configured for the Korean language.

okay Thanks for your support. Thankyou

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Hi @Srinivas_Billalavalasa

To enter Korean words from an Excel file into a web page using UiPath, you can follow these steps:

  1. Read Excel Data: Use the “Read Range” activity in UiPath to read the Korean words from your Excel file into a DataTable. Make sure that the Excel file is in a format that UiPath can read, such as .xlsx.
  2. Open the Web Page: Use a web browser automation activity like “Open Browser” to navigate to the web page where you want to enter the Korean words.
  3. Loop Through DataTable: Use a “For Each Row” activity to loop through the DataTable containing the Korean words.
  4. Type Text: Inside the loop, use the “Type Into” or “Type Secure Text” activity to type the Korean word from the DataTable into the appropriate text field on the web page. Set the text field as the target element and use the following options:
  • In the “Type Into” activity properties, set the Input field to row("ColumnName").ToString to get the Korean word from the current row of the DataTable.
  • Ensure that the keyboard input method is set to the appropriate language, which is Korean in your case. You can set the input method by using the “Set Text” or “Type Into” activity’s Properties panel, or you can set it in the Windows language settings.
  1. Continue Looping: Continue looping through the DataTable until you have entered all the Korean words into the web page.
  2. Close the Web Page: After entering all the data, you can use a “Close Tab” or “Close Browser” activity to close the web page, depending on your requirements.
  3. Save and Execute: Save your workflow and execute it. UiPath will automate the process of entering Korean words from the Excel file into the web page.

Make sure to handle any error scenarios and add proper error-handling activities in your workflow to ensure robust automation.

Additionally, you may need to ensure that the web page and your system are configured to handle Korean input correctly. This may involve setting the keyboard language to Korean, and the web page itself should be capable of accepting Korean input. If you encounter any issues with character encoding or input methods, consult the web application’s documentation or support resources for guidance.


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