Enter Data in Webpage

I have 7 different Web portals over which I need to check the value of 1 Line .

There is a statement in Hindi and I need to find the meaning of that statement in 7 different portals (these are 7 different language converters lets say) i need to put the Hindi Dailog in these 7 but the search bar or text box of each portal is different . i was trying to put a For each loop which will pick the portal ID from Data table and would feed in the Dailog in Hindi in each portal but after Open browse when I give Type Into it looks for the text box of Portal one only . How can I came it dynamic that it finds the text box of the portal, link to which is the current row of data table .

Please advice


Start with creation of 7 sub-workflow with hardcoded selectors. You can use recorder for creating them.

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Hi @XYZ_1991
Declare variable for said dialogue and Use type into activity to input the dialogue. Make sure you are taking right selectors.

Hope this will help you & happy learning :blush:

Type into will need selection of text box but each search box is at different location.

Thanks Uemoe,this looks feasible but can you explain as what is hardcoded selector . I am new to Uipath so still exploring the elements and selectors and the difference between the two

Then use anchor base selectors