Enter data in rich text editor in a webpage


I need to enter some data in a web page which had few rich text editor controls, I tried different options but every time when I run the process, nothing gets entered in the control.

though it seems very simple, is there any different way to enter data in rich text format control, below is the screenshot of the control

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Are you sure that the selector is well defined?

@reda: I tried multiple times to select the control and set the selector but no luck :frowning_face:

Use Get attribute method.
Get the ID
And pass it as a variable to the same selector

Hi @ramvashista85

As long as you can click inside the text input area (or navigate to it with keyboard shortcuts), you can then set your text to clipboard and then send a generic send hotkey activity without a selector with CTRL+C. It should work :slight_smile:

Hi @ramvashista85

is this issue solved ? I have similar requirement.
please advise


Try to use IE instead of Chrome

Any Solution On this ?? I have a similar requirement. I am able enter the data but, empty field option is not working.

@Palaniyappan @bcorrea @hasib08

Send the Screenshot as well as the url of the text box


That is something internal website for my client, which URL i can not share & you wont be able to login due to access. I am sharing the screenshot only.

Thanks @hasib08

Any help on this query, will be highly appreciated.
@Lahiru.Fernando @kommijeevan @Palaniyappan

Hi - The only way to read/write/update is through the Source Code - I am able to work on this wrt source code. & It is working for me. Thank you

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