Enlarge the field with a click of the mouse


Did it work?

Hello Gustavo,

I apologize for the delay in responding, I was able to run this application from the “Event Viewer” and it worked perfectly. I still have a question, about OffsetX and OffsetY, so that I can know the value and perform the calculation that you explained, I need to select the element. Could you detail me which values you used to arrive at the values of the first activity (-3 or -1).


No problems :slight_smile:

Nice! It is working!

About the value -3, I’ve just tested…

First I didn’t subtract, and it didn’t work
Then, I used -1… and I saw that it was closer to the size bar, but it wasn’t enough.
Then, I used -2… same as before.
Finally, -3 and it worked

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