Enhancing Video Recording with Queue Recording

Hi @rikulsilva ,

DesktopVideoRecorder activity has no dependencies. However, it calls and/or kills ffmpeg.exe in it. So, if UiPath Video Recording feature also uses ffmpeg (library), it may cause trouble.



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Thank you so much @Yoichi

I will try to monitoring the machine processes to check this


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Hi all,

Firstly Iโ€™d like to say that I appreciate the feedback and quick responses given so far - keep it up!

Recording both failed transactions and failed jobs - we have this improvement item in our backlog, will aim to deliver it with our next release. Agree that they should not be exclusive.

Regarding the DesktopVideoRecorder, itโ€™s most likely a conflict with the ffmpeg, but spoiler alert, we are looking into a way to combine the two here as well.


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