Enhanced selector not working (regex)

I trying to extract mobile number from fakenamegenerator website using regex
But it’s not working :disappointed:.

I first assigned value of regex of mobile to variable
Made change in unexplorer
I am attaching the pic


Can you try to modify your matching attrinute as the following?



Changed it
But now it’s picking value of date of birth from above instead mobile.

whats the original selector of the mobile field and what is the value of regexmobile variable?

I just used indicate element and value I put regex script I attach photo


Can you try the following?

  1. Change variable type from Int32 to String or GenericValue in Value property of Get Text activity.

  2. Perhaps you shoud use relative selector which is anchored “Mobile:” instead of regex selector. We can create relative selector using UiExplorer (Indicate anchor button).


Okay I changed value to string and I can’t find value change option for get text
And if j want to use Anchor base for mobile then it’s not possible there
Plz check pic


Can you try the following sample?

Sample20210108-3.zip (2.4 KB)


Now it’s working buddy
It was just browser problem I was using edge
In chrome it’s working fine

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