Enhanced ReFramework training? Mentioned in Solution Architect Training


I’m just starting the Solution Architect training and there is a mention of an enhanced ReFramework. which it says there is a dedicated training section for it (I’m not sure if it means in this course but if this is a better version of the ReFramework surely the training should be available in the general training area not limited to people that may have decided to open up the solution architect training videos).

If there is training for it elsewhere could someone please let me know where. If it is in the Solution architect training I will mention it in this post when I get to it.

The enhanced version is in the github repository but I’m not sure if it is a live version yet. Also there is no training example for it in the solution architect training module. Maybe when it is finalised there will be an example given. Hopefully with video showing EVERYTHING to build a working solution using the new framework.

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Hi, Is this already available? Looking for a tutorial like this as well. I’ve figured out a lot of the Reframework already, but im sure im missing a ton still.

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Hi all,

Has anyone created a tutorial for the Enhanced REFramework?



Just bumping, would love to see a tutorial/training on this.

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Me Too

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Hi guys.
I just finished my review of the Enhanced REFramework. This is no official training documentation, it is just my understanding of it, so I might not have gotten the same understanding as the author on all the points, but I believe it’s fairly accurate.
Hope it helps :slight_smile: