Enforcing Unique References in Queue Creation

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May I know what will be the possible pros and cons on the created queue if the “Enforce unique references” is being checked?

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Hi @RobertRussell_Monsalud

This checkbox determines whether or not duplicate items can be added to a queue. There are certain pros and cons here but it depends on your project requirement & perspective.


  1. Enforcing unique references can help ensure that data in the queue is not duplicated or overwritten, which can improve the accuracy and reliability of your processes.
  2. By preventing duplicate items from being added to the queue, you can reduce the likelihood of errors caused by processing the same item multiple times.


  1. If you accidentally try to add a duplicate item to the queue and the “Enforce unique references” option is enabled, the item will not be added and the data may be lost. This can be particularly problematic if the item represents critical information.
  2. If you need to retry a failed transaction, you may need to create a new item in the queue rather than simply processing the existing one again.

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Hi @RobertRussell_Monsalud

  • Reference - The reference of the added QueueItem. The reference can be used to link your transactions to other applications used within an automation project. Additionally, this feature enables you to search for certain transactions, in Orchestrator, according to the provided string.

This property is available starting with v2017.1.

Additionally, references are not compatible with the 2016.2 or lower versions of Orchestrator or Robot.

From https://activities.uipath.com/docs/add-queue-item

You can find it in the Add queue item activity as in the screenshot below.
Maybe you are using 2016.x version of the Studio?

If you have it available on the activity, you just have to pass a string with the ID to the input argument.



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Hi @arjunshenoy and @GANESH_BALAGAM

Thank you for your inputs and solutions. Both are helpful. I really appreciate it.

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