Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication check box is disabled

Hi all,

I am not able to uncheck Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication check bot @ Tenant->Settings-> Security.

I even tried to change the number value for ‘Run Disconnected Hour’ option and clicked on save and revisited the tab as described in other posts but still no luck.

Kindly assist on the same since I am not able use any unattended automations on my machine because of this issue.

Thanks in Advance!

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Any Assistance on this will be very helpful.

Thanks in Advance

To be clear

  • Are you able to toggle the check box but the Save button is greyed out? Or are you unable to toggle either check box?

I attempted to play around with User permissions, but even with Settings.View only applied to a user, visually I can toggle the check boxes, I am just unable to save the settings.

As for usage of the robot, if the two check boxes are indeed being enforced, this would be what UiPath calls “Secure Authentication” and as I can see it would only affect you if you are attempting to use an Unattended Robot in an Attended Mode as described here

Secure Authentication

Allow only connections with tokens that expire by enabling both authentication options on the Settings page > Security tab. User login is required to make Orchestrator HTTP requests, run attended robots, or view processes in the Assistant.

Allow both user authentication and robot key authentication
Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication

Attended Restrict attended robot authentication in the Assistant to interactive user sign-in.
Attended robot authentication requires sign-in otherwise the user won’t see their associated processes in the Assistant and the robot appears as “Connected, Unlicensed”.
Unattended Unattended robots require Machine Key connections at all times.
Unattended in Attended Mode For unattended, the host machine is connected and licensed in unattended mode so the designated way to execute processes is Orchestrator.
If you want to use the machine in attended mode (opening the Assistant) when user authentication is enforced, you need to sign in, otherwise you cannot see the processes in the Assistant, and the robot appears as “Connected, Unlicensed”.

Outside of that, my only thoughts is an error in your browser, are any errors being thrown in your console log, try clearing your cache?

Short of that, I would suggest reaching out to the Cloud Support Team if you are an Enterprise User for a more faster response than what the community can offer if they haven’t seen the issue before.

If you are a community user, perhaps try reaching out on the Community Slack channel noted in the above auto-response message as the userbase could be different and/or someone might see your request for help in real-time that could assist.

@Forum_Staff @Community_Moderators - Any addition thoughts on this one?

Before going into details, is this a community cloud account?

First check you licence type, fo it, press Admin on the left column, press licenses and check the license type. If it’s a community plan, you can’t change it because it si not supported on this type of license. But if not, must press Admin again, organization settings and search the button unter support ID and over the message Delete Organization. There must be a button that say “Disable” to desactivate de licence. Press this button and now you can change the security settings. Finally go back to organziation settings and activate the license pressing this button again.


Yes, Its a community cloud account :slight_smile:

In that case, I believe this is the expected behaviour for the Community Cloud accounts.

You can still run unattended automation though with the user of modern folder templates with enough unattended runtimes :slight_smile:

See here: