Enforce Check-In on git should be inverted

Currently, when enabling this setting below on Studio or in Automation-Ops, Studio will force you to create a commit before being able to publish your project to orchestrator, but after uploading the project the file project.json will be updated with the new version number on the property ProjectVersion:
This way, always will exists a change to commit on the project folder, forcing you to make two commits per publish. In my opinion the correct should be the Studio force you to make an commit only after the projectVersion is updated.

Hi @lucas.stern,

I second that. We would love to see it work, but I think it is a chicken and egg issue. Cannot update projectVersion if the project is not packed and if it is packed then the repo is one change behind both in local and remote repos.

This occurs across all project / library / object repository types. Since the projectVersion key changes values under packing, the new file version (of project.json) needs to be committed again.

For now, we are used to this double commits. In short, we have become de-sensitized. Hopefully there is a solution for this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing this out. Indeed, we can do better and will try to improve this experience.


Aside the double commit, to not pollute the commit history, ammend commit can be used as well.

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