Ending Job Execution After Last Activity Takes Around 40 secs

Hello There,

I am currently working on creating a library of reusable workflows. I’ve started with a component for login. After executing all activities it takes around 40secs to end the execution on Studio.

I am using the following versions of packages and Studio 22.10.4 .

You screenshots show it takes less than a second between the log message that the workflow is completed and the log message from studio saying Execution ended. It does not support your report that it takes 40 seconds.

Hello Jon,

Please take a look again, timeStamp is showing as hh:mm:ss and there are exactly 38 secs in between two screenshots.


Ah ok, I was reading the timestamp as mm:ss:ff, apologies.

Does it still take 40 seconds if you run the workflow instead of debug it?

No problem.
Yes, it does. I haven’t debugged it actually.

Strange behaviour indeed. I would suggest seeing if this is related to this workflow alone or if others do it. Perhaps test with a workflow just containing a few log messages. By process of elimination we can try to determine if its related to the Library as a whole (libraries as a whole) or just the workflow.

I use libraries extensively and never encountered this issue. My gut says some weird logging is happened behind the scenes here at the end of the running.

So basically the workflow includes Get Credential activity - logs - Use Browser (including 3 Ui Activities). When I deactivate Use Browser scope, execution finishes in a second

Most likely you have the Use Browser activity looking for a selector. The automation execution can be delayed if the target page is not available or it takes a while to appear on the screen.

Hello Alexandru,

Actually, after running all activities in the flow, it takes 40 secs to finish the execution. I even added write line activity at the bottom to be sure about it.

Thank you