End of Support: Understanding the Impact, Timeline, and Benefits of Upgrading UiPath Products

Are you aware that some UiPath products are approaching their end-of-support date? End of support means that certain support options will no longer be available, and there may be risks associated with continuing to use the product after this date. As a UiPath user, it is crucial to stay updated on the status of the products you are using.

To support you in this journey, we invited hand-picked industry experts @pradeep-shukla & @ChristianVee that went through the challenge and opportunity to transition to the latest versions. They’re willing to take you through what was their reality in moving on to new product versions, the lessons that they learned, and how to do it with ease and the best possible outcome.

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A brief overview of the product that’s going to end of support

What’s End of Support:

  • Understand what end of support means.
  • The impact on the product, the risks associated with continuing to use the product after the end of the support date
  • UiPath Support Periods like Mainstream, Extended, Out of Support
  • What support options will no longer be available?
  • Upcoming deprecations
  • Deprecated features and capabilities

Timeline & Alternatives:

  • Find out the timeline and products which will be reaching the end of the support date.
  • Understand the steps UiPath has taken to inform customers about the end of support.
  • Learn options that are available to you, upgrading to a newer version, migration, and benefits of each option, and resources available.
  • Direct and intermediate upgrade paths
  • How to “Never Upgrade Again”

Benefits of Staying Current:

  • Learn the benefits of staying current with technology and why it’s important for you to upgrade or migrate to newer products.
  • Understand how new features and functionality can improve your experience and help you be more productive.

Best practices for staying current:

  • Guidance on best practices for staying updated and current with UiPath products.


First of all, thanks for taking your time to orchestrate this event and elaborate on the future of UiPath.
Is the event recorded to be watched at a later time if i sign up? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mads_Commerou Yes, it’d be recorded. Please join the chapters to stay updated for future events as well :slight_smile: