End of expression expected while using linq in assign

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to compare the data of two datatables using a linq query. However I ended up getting end of expression expected error. I cross checked the entire linq however I couldn’t find any mistakes in it.

Any leads or help is much appreciated.

@Karthik23 write the condition in the same line

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Hi @Karthik23

How about the following?

(From row1 In dtInput.AsEnumerable()
Join row2 In dt2.AsEnumerable()
On row1("Segment") Equals row2("Segment") And row1("Element") Equals row2("Element") And row1("Record") Equals row2("Record") And row1("Field") Equals row2("Field") And row1("Mapping comments") Equals row2("Mapping comments")
Select row1).CopyToDataTable

Remember change the dt variables


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@Mohammad_Irfan , Thank you it worked.

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@fernando_zuluaga , Thank you for the updated query.

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