Encrypt all PDF files in the folder - using manage PDF password

Dear all,
I split one PDF file that has many pages into multiple PDF files.
and then I want to set the password for all the PDF files.
Is it possible to set the password through loop action for all the pdf files in the folder?
I can set the password for a single PDF file, but I have trouble with setting the password for 100 PDF files.
Could you help me?

@youngeun.park … so you want to read all the pdf files in the folder and set the password? Are you planning to set the same password for all or planning to change for each file ?

Have you tried For Each … directory.getfiles(pdffolderpath) …?

Thank you for your reply. I’ll set the same password for all PDF files. I’ve tried for each and directory.getfiles, but I failed. I think I lost something, I’ll try again. Thank you.

Its not Files…you have to give File…inside the set password activity …

You are looping for File in files array…since you used Files it is throwing an error.

@youngeun.park - Please find the starter help here… SetPassword_PDF.zip (113.0 KB).

Run the workflow as is you will see 3 files created under ‘Pdf files_Pw’ folder with password set for each files.

Oh!! Thank you sooooo much!! I’ve got an answer because of you!! Thank you, thank you!

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