Encoding Issue?

Hello all,

I have a bot that is reading a text file and then using that as the body of an email. I am using the IBM863 encoding for French Canadian but it is not working at all.

I will share some screenshots as an example.
Here is what the text file looks like:

Here is what the email looks like:

Anyone have any ideas?


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Is this just an issue where you can’t send outlook messages using encoding?

I think for French Canadian it’s IBM863 which is the correct one

I m not sure buddy but kindly check the encoding once


Just tested IBM037 and it is definitely not it. The other one throws an exception saying it isn’t an actual encoding value.

Ah i believe you meant IBM01140. Also doesn’t work and gives me gibberish

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I think the code value matters here buddy
Everything is fine

I am just using test code currently I will show you screenshots.


email template txt file:

email I receive:

It’s actually right buddy
IBM863 is correct

But I wonder why it didn’t
Can I have that txt file if possible


emailtemplate2 - Copy.txt (306 Bytes)

Sure. Can you see if you can send an outlook message with the correct characters?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you save the txt file with encoding as “UTF-8” instead of ANSI and try

Leave Encoding type property empty in “Read Text” activity

Attached is the file emailtemplate2 - Copy.txt (320 Bytes)


Beautiful that worked thank you so much!

Ok ignore the image lol i sent the wrong one but it did work. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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