Enabling the textbox on web appln

Hi Team,

I have textbox when date needs to added from calendar. Adding the date from calendar is troublesome. we wanted to add/enter the date in textbox manually but textbox is not editable. What is best way to it ? How we can enable the text so that can add date in it.

Hello @Shirish_Pathak

Can you elaborate more on your issue?

Which application you are using where you want to enable the textbox?

Also if you are manually able to enable it?


Hi @PrankurJoshi

I have 1 textbox when date needs to selected from calendar. If robot is doing that it is taking more time and it is not reliabe so i am planning add date directly into textbox but when i am adding date in textbox it is not taking, it is disabled for taking date manually but accept date from calendar only… what is best way ?

Hmm can you share that URL only if its not a confidential page or something, just for the sake of example. I think you will have to use selectors smartly and set the date from the calendar only in this case.

Then after setting you can read the date from the textbox and cross-verify put this in try-catch to handle the exception.