Enabling the Immediate Panel outside of debugging?

I just discovered the immediate panel from the debugging context, and the feature would be enormously useful while writing automations. Could you add the same console feature to the design context as well?

Hi @kbak

Could you maybe share some use cases for the Immediate panel outside of the debugging context?

When I am setting up variables, often I need to test my code. For example, instead of setting up an Assign with DateTime.ConvertExact(dateVariable, formatVariable, System.Whatisitagain.SomethingWithGeography) and using Test Activity, I would like to test it out in a console-like environment, and it seems like Immediate would let me test these snippits.

There are a bunch of quirks in strict VB, and if I could avoid going back and forth in Test Activity when I am figuring out the syntax, I’d like to just explore my code directly.

I see now, and I agree with you that it would be useful. I would use it myself :smiley:

I am not sure how technically feasible it currently is, mostly because I assume it currently requires the context of the debugging for a reason.

Nevertheless, let me record your feedback and see what our team things about it!

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Quick comment @kbak

See my reply here about marking feedback topics with a solution, which inevitably closes them after 3 days from the last reply and prevents further input from other users :slight_smile::

It’s up to you, but I’d suggest to uncheck the solution mark and leave the topic open for now :slight_smile:

Excellent, I’ll leave it open. Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile: