Enabling Low Level Tracing

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I am using Enterprise edition Studio, and I am trying to to enable low level tracing but the option just isn’t there when I open the Robot Icon in the system tray…?

HI @Jersey_Practical_Sho
you can find the setting icon in robot like shown this image :

and then you have this window where you can change the tracing here :



Thats what I thought and changed it but when set to Trace it produces no .etl file

Please refer the below post.

Where will be ETL trace log stored by default?

Hi @balazubacs

Default output directory of .etl log files is Desktop

Open cmd as admin.
Navigate to the path where UiPath is installed and run UiRobot.exe --enableLowLevel

To disable, run UiRobot.exe --disableLowLevel
It will generate a file on desktop.

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Thank you !!!

Also I have a question that it is saving by default in Desktop. Where should I go for changing the location?