Enable Output Panel

Scenario: Output panel not visible on UiPath Studio Community

Steps to reproduce:

Current Behavior: Output Panel not visible

Expected Behavior: Output Panel to be Visible at the bottom

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version:
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Hi, Please have a look at the attached image.

Hi Gourav,

Thanks for your reply.

But I do not have the “Output” option at the bottom on my UiPath Studio community version. So could you please let me know on how to enable this.

Ca you drop “Writeline” Activity and pass some string and run it.

Option 1: Go to Setup → Reset Settings . ( Goes to Default settings)

Option 2 :

please check following.

Go to → \AppData\Local\UiPath → Open layout.xml.

there you can see the below line.

if IsOpen it’s false. Please make a true and save the file , before that close all the UIpath studio window.

( am using RPA platform trial version) you may try on above steps on your end.


Hi RajaGopal,

Thanks for your reply!

Option 1 worked great. I am able to see the output panel at the bottom of the screen.

You are Welcome !