Enable/Disable trigger using http request

Hello everyone,
I am trying to send an Http request, in order to turn off/activate a trigger of one of my projects in Orchestrator.
First, I extracted the access token, and then I use it in an API call to turn off/on the trigger. But I get the response “400” with an error note - "{"message":"setEnabledParameters must not be null","

I checked the reading several times and it seems that I enter all the required details correctly and it is not clear to me why it is not working.
I have attached screenshots of the API call details I am sending.
I would appreciate your help,
thank you very much.




in general have a look here:

We would recommend to explore / prototype in Swagger in a first round

Keep in mind that newer options for external application integration / authorization is available and recommended

when it is done within UiPath also check: