Enable Basic Authentication on Elasticsearch and Kibana

How to enable basic login feature in elasticsearch and kibana

Starting version 6.x, Elasticsearch comes with basic license that provides authentication for free. Earlier this was a part of paid x-pack license.

Below Guide shows how to enable basic authentication on 6.x version and above of Elasticsearch.

Note: The scope of support for Elasticsearch from UiPath is limited to basic installation and integration only. maintenance / x-pack should be handled in-house. If x-pack is bought by UiPath, then support can be a communication bridge between ES support and customer

1. Enable security on elaticsearch.yml: open elasticsearch.yml from the server it is installed and set xpack.security.enabled to "true"

2. Setup passwords:
Open command prompt as admin, and navigate to "bin" folder present in installation directory of Elasticsearch. Run below command
elasticsearch-setup-passwords.bat interactive

Note: After the password is set for the elastic user, the bootstrap password is no longer valid; elasticsearch-setup-passwords command cannot be run second time. All passwords can be managed from Kibana interface later on.

Select "Y" when prompted and press enter.

3. Enter credentials for all the components:
Follow the steps and enter credentials for all the components.

4. Add passwords on all target applications
Add created passwords on all application. below image shows password entered for Kibana in kibana.yml file

5. Restart the Elasticsearch and kibana services

6. Login to Kibana interface and the password will now be prompted:

Once logged in, the passwords, users and roles can be managed directly from Kibana interface: