i want to subtract two column which are i two different excel sheets, i had took two excel application scopes and i am using get row item to get the column values but after printing the data of that get row item it also taking the empty values how can i take only values by eliminating empty values

You can use If activity with String.IsNullOrWhitespace(ItemValue) and then just skip it?

i had used if activity after the get row item in excel application scope but also it is taking empty rows


is this the correct way to use the empty condition in if activity

plz help me to do this @TimK

Hi Manisha541,

if you use IF do it like this:

Then --> will do nothing
Else take all you other activities indise

Or your iff will do nothing there

thanks ,now my empty rows got eliminated but my subtracted values are not correct ,actually i need to subtract the ‘inventory’ column in one excel from ‘order qty’ column in another excel but in inventory column last value is ‘4020’ .This 4020 is subtracting from the each row of ‘order qty’ and that is printing as output ,but i need to subtract one cell with another cell
plz help me out in this @Luis261980

Hi @Manisha541,

first and sorry i forgot to say welcome to the community !

are you using a counter in your workflow to increment your values like

read cell = “A”+counter.tostring


thank you,
yes i am using the counter to increment the value
like i have to print the output in k column so i have used “k”+counter.tostring

Ok so for in that IF
In then where you actualy do nothing:

Imagine your robot is in K7
Counter = Counter +1
This will be like Empty row will count to

So if you row is nullorEmpty you just encrement the counter +1 to go to the other row

these are my two excel files and i column is my output but it is printing wrong output
inventory and order qty are my columns

i had incremented counter also @Luis261980

yes but now in Then you have nothing in need to increment there to your

counter=counter + 1

So you can jump from k7 with data
pass k8 with no data or empty
to K9 with data again

something like this (My string are not edited so thats why you see errrors)

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