Empty Orchestrator api versions!

Hi, I keep getting two separate errors. The first one says Empty Orchestrator api versions! I changed the orchestratro url from https://platform.uipath.com to UiPath because I keep getting an error that my user name xxxx was not something or another. I went and changed my machine name to my computer name. Then I change the domain\username for my robot too.

Now when I try to connect my uiRobot, I get the error that states “the remote server returned an error: 407 Proxy Authentication Required”

I’m super new at this, and I feel like I keep missing steps in the Academy. I don’t know if maybe I chose the wrong course to begin with or not. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m going to put some screen captures below for ease of reference. Thanks for your time and help.


P.S. I would put images in here, but I’m only allowed to put 1 image in here and I don’t think it’d be very useful, because I don’t know what relevant information you would need, so I can’t narrow it down to one image.

Just mention like below and try -


Karthik Byggari

So I put that URL in the orchestrator URL spot. It’s still giving me a 407 Proxy Authentication Required Error, but now when I run the procedure in uiStudio, it works… I’m a little confused.

Hi @Spencejw3

Does this summary of changes to the Cloud Platform API help here?

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