Empty Official Packages feed

Hi Community,

After updating Studio to 18.4.4 the Package Manager stoped working. In Official Feed I have no packages listed

The internet connection seems ok. I can get a xml from https://www.myget.org/F/workflow/ when checking from browser.

I reinstalled everything from scratch, restarted machine but with no luck.


Try updating to the latest version 2019.2 or 2019.1

Thanks for the tip, but this is an enterprise installation and I’m suppose to use the version with LTS which currently is 2018.4.x

Anyway I suspect that this may be related to proxy settings. Do you know what port is used to fetch packages and comunicate with licensing server?

Hi @Sparrow

For packages, you have to be sure you can access the package feed url.

For the Orchestrator, see here:

For the Robot, see here:

If in any further doubt, please contact our support :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it was an issue with firewall rules. Problem solved.

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