Empty field property is not working properly for type into activity in computer vision

Hi ,

Empty field property is not working sometimes in computer vision.
Sometimes it’s working and sometimes it’s skip the Empty field property.
Any specific reason??


Hi @keshav,
Maybe this will explain your thoughts:

  • EmptyField - When this check box is selected, all previously-existing content in the UI element is erased before writing your text.


In Web environments, fields are emptied by default.

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Hi @keshav

Empty field property is used to empty the field where we are going to type or enter something to make sure that what was there already must be removed and new string must be entered.
This must work for sure,
Fine, lets do one thing
to make it more stable and robust, kindly make sure that these properties are also enabled like ClickBeforeTyping as this makes sure that field is clicked so that the emptyfield property will definitely have to delete the previous strings in it
–one more thing is enable simulate click property or send window message property
–Still after doing this, the issue exists then we need to slow down the workflow a bit when it gets to the type into activity for that, add some time to delaybefore property with some milliseconds.

Hope this would help you
Cheers @keshav

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What if it is multiline textbox?