Empty field for terminal activities

In order to automate an AS400 application I am utilizing UiPath terminal activities (through IBM Personal Communications). To input data to any field I’m using Set Field terminal activity.

Do we have any way to delete the contents of that field before typing in to it, just like Empty field option in Type into? What’s happening is that is the value already present in text field in longer than the updates
value, then that field wont be properly updated by the new value.
For example
Let old value = “ABCDEFG” and new value=“XYZ”, then its possible that after updating, the final value is
“XYZDEFG”, instead of “XYZ”

Is there any way to avoid such a scenario?


You might look at the “Send Control Key” activity.
Then choose EraseEOF

That is the equivalent of the vb eraseeof that erases the entire field.

Hope that answers it.



Hello @ClaytonM
Thanks for your swift reply.

I tried out your suggestion but was’t able to spot that property in Send control activity.

Hopefully the screenshot helps spot it. Not sure why it wouldn’t be there for you too.



I want erase the existing text present in the field 8/20 to 8/31 and need to update the field with a new input text. The existing text is one of the following MVBDSEFD,MVVDESFGRW, HGFR. the input text is one of the following TRANPORT, XEDR, FDEE234. Kindly help

Which part are you having trouble with?

Someone has another solution?

Using “EraseEOF” doesn’t work.