Empty Error notification. Is the rootcause known for this? (Reboot of UiPath required)

Hello UiPathers,

It has been the second time in two days that I am getting the following empty Error notification.
From my understanding I am not doing anything special besides creating a robot in Studio.
It is bugging me since I need to restart UiPath again. After the reboot it is working fine again. Anybody having the same issue lately? Is the root cause for this pop-up known?

Kr, ElectricBoogie


Which version of UIPath studio are you using ?

Hi @ElectricBoogie

i guess you need to uninstall and install a fresh UiPath Studio to fix the problem. This might be happening due to some installation issue. Try uninstalling and installing it again… If you are using the community edition, please use the below link to download the proper installation to install.

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I am using a paid license.


As @Lahiru.Fernando said, try to uninstall and install it again. If problem still persists then contact UiPath support team to resolve the issue. As it is paid license they will give support.