Empty Data Table Problem

Hello all, this is how my data table looks,

The data table is empty.

I want to execute a set of commands if there is even one row of data present in the data table. If there isn’t then I wish to perform another set of commands. But when I try to use extract data table activity it says, “There are no data to be extracted”.

Awaiting for everyone’s input.

Thanking you.

Hardik Durgam.

Hi @Hardik_Durgam

Please try this


Hope this might help you :slight_smile:

@Pavanraj_Shetty to be able to write this solution I should be able to convert it to the data table.

Hardik Durgam

Hi @Hardik_Durgam ,

Could you let us know if the Design part is already done and you are testing it or are you trying to set up the Extract Table Data Activity ?

Make sure that you use the Table Extraction / Data Scraping wizard when designing/setting up the implementation. Also, Make sure the data is available in the table data to be extracted.

Ensure that the Table Extraction / Data Scraping wizard extracts data properly and that the output of this activity will be in the data table format.

Hi @Hardik_Durgam,

you can place the extract datatable inside a try catch and then put the condition if dt.rowscount>0 and continue with the rest of the worklfow. Please check this out and let me know if you have any issues.