Empty Cell Address

Hello there,

I have a workflow which finds a text (2021 or FY21) in every sheet of an excel.
If either one text is identified anywhere in the sheet, the bot is supposed to write the sheetname + cell address to me.

The bot is working however, the bot only highlights the cell address to me if the cell content is “2021” or “FY21” (standalone with no other text). If it appears as a sentence or date format in a cell, the bot fails to highlight the cell address. An example is shown in the screenshot whereby only the sheet names are being listed out with empty brackets.

May I know if I have done anything wrong in my workflow?
Appreciate your advice on how I can rectify this. Thank you!

Result by bot:



Hi @WS_Chai ,
Can you share your file and expect output?
I think can use index of columns and row to write or get dynamic index

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

Thank you for your reply.

Below is the current output with empty ( ), but I wish to have the cell address even if the text is found in a sentence and not as standalone text in a cell.


My understand is you check in sheet and get excel index
eg: I22, B6…etc
have you tried
Convert.ToChar(65 + dt.Columns.IndexOf(“Columnname”) ).ToString + (dt.Rows.IndexOf(CurrentRow)+2).ToString



May I know under which activity shall i put this?

My test,
Is it like your what you want