Employees300.xlsx download for Foundation Level 1 revamped course?

Does anyone have a copy of this excel file that I can download to work with as I continue with Section 9, Excel & Data Tables Part 2, in the Level 1 course from the UI Path Academy?

If not, I will just create a smaller version using the video’s display of some of the rows.


Hi @MaryB2019

Check whether this is what you need. I had these saved in my lessons folder for section 9

Employees300 orig.xlsx (27.0 KB)


Fernando, thank you that is exactly what I needed. You saved me a great deal of typing.


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Sorry I should Have asked, is your first name Lahiru? or Fernando?


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@MaryB2019 :rofl::rofl:
Well, you can call me Lahiru… its my first name and Fernando is my last name :smiley:

Thank you Lahiru,

And I just completed the Lesson for filtering with your file and it’s working perfectly. I appreciate the time you took to help me out.

MaryB :smile:

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No worries Mary. I’m always here to help… :slight_smile:

Thanks Lahiru, this is very useful.

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You are not only a handsome man but a powerful man!! YOU ROCK!!!