Employee resistance and onboarding challenges


Please share the challenges that you are facing during onboarding non tech savvy users and how you over come them.

On boarding. Can you give more details

User unwilling to share the process detail and probably she is the only one who know the workflow and process. Anyone encounter such issue and how do you deal with it.

Hello @mayachoy , probably she is afraid about losing her job if she allows somebody else do it. I had a similar problem time ago, but not robot related. Was a colleage who doesnt want to teach me the process to do my work. So, my boss talked to her and said that she will be leading the process, that her knowledge is too valuable to lost it, she doesnt need to be afraid to be replace by me. With the time we get along well, she understood that I was a help to her. And she was able to take other responsabilities in the company. So I think the best way is to talk with her, all the benefits that will be in their job with her help to develop a robot like less errors, faster than anyone. That will be a benefit to her and to the company aswell. I had seen that some people is afraid to lost their job and some companies really cut them after having robots. So if that will be the case, if she really will lost her job that will be tough to address.

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