Emergent windows events

Hi all,

I would like to know if is possible to have like an event handler for emergent windows. I am currently working in an automation that the process that I would like to automate has a loit of timeouts. Every timeout generates an emergent windows, the situation is that those time outs are pretty long which I I wait for those emergent windows to appear makes my process very long.

Is there a way to treat those emergent windows as event separeately from the main flow and handle them like if there were interruptions? Like having a listener for this types of events?


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As far as I am aware there isn’t any monitoring activities specifically for Ui Interrupts.

The way you handle this is to modularize your build of process steps and have workflows pass through a “Ui Exception Handler” component targeting those popups, then returning to repeat the last failed component/function in the Ui. This is tricky to get smooth! but not impossible.

One way i may approach this problem is to do something like: (See attached)

  • apologies for the quality, was just a quick mockup!

Handle Troublesome Ui Concept.xaml (25.1 KB)

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Hey @Jamie_Davies,

thanks for the reply.

I found interesting this approach to handle this prompt windows. the nature of the process I’m automating doesn’t allow me to skip steps so I have to start it al over again.

I am currently testing using Pick and Pick Branch activities having the normal flow in one of the branches and in the other what to do depending on the prompting windows that appears. I have all integrated in a flowchart which is handling the retries.

What is your opinion on this approach?

Thanks again for your answer, lloking forward to your feedback!

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Hey @Ricardo_Paredes,

That Pick and Branch approach sounds interesting! can you share a mockup file of how you structured that ? be good to get a visual :smile:

Sounds similar to how having a try-catch inside a do while could handle retries for a sequence or workflow - does the pick and branch offer anymore agility or capability than that basic approach?

Always cool to see how people approach different problems :upside_down_face: