Embedded ReFrameWorks

Hey guys just a quick question which’ll probably have a complex answer. I have followed the ReFrameWork template to create a dispatcher. I am in the process of creating the worker bot. Due to the fact that there is no way to detect double ups in the queue I thought the best way to go about processing items is to have the dispatcher run and upload all the new jobs. The worker bot would then run and will keep running until every item in the queue has been processed. The dispatcher will then run and grab a new set of jobs to do. The only issue with this solution is that the dispatcher process (which has been made with the ReFrameWork in mind) would need to be embedded within the worker process itself. In theory this would work fine but all I can say is the transition is definietly not smooth and maintainability would definetly take a hit. So is there some sort of way for the worker process to call upon the dispatcher process without merging the projects into one?