Emails saving as a Draft, only on Tuesdays

I’m using an Send Exchange Mail Message activity to send a daily email with an attachment. I successfully sends everyday except for Tuesday. I thought it might be a server issue and adjusted the runtime, but still only saving a Draft. I have another automation that is using the exact copy of the activity and it’s sending emails successfully in the same runtime.

Thats odd.

Is there any possibility that you have some decisions in your workflows, where on Tuesday you are using another send exchange and it is not set the same as in your correct project? Are you using the same module for sending mail in entire project?

Emails usually save in draft folder when we have extra spaces in the email addresses or semicolon is not properly used between the email addresses.

Hi @ruben.leija,

Check if there are any specific settings or rules on your Exchange server that are preventing emails from being sent on Tuesdays. Contact your Exchange server administrator to investigate if there are any restrictions on email sending during specific days or times.