Emails from spreadsheet to "send mail feature"

Hi forum, I am doing some extractions from a system of ours, and the data is put in an excel spreadsheet. The data in the spreadsheet is usernames and e-mail adresses from users in the organisation. I would like Uipath to take the email adresses from the spreadsheet, and send an email to all those addresses. How can I do that?

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Dominic :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Can you help me with another problem? I am automating a click action, and everytime this image appears I want the robot to click it. I tried to put it in a while loop, and everytime the image appeared it clicked it, but when the image wasnt there anymore it just stopped working. It didnt even throw an error, it just stopped and froze the page for a bit.
Once the image isnt there anymore i want the program to exit the loop and do the next task.

@Kekth, use Image Exists with suitable accuracy(Accuracy matters more) to check if the image exists on screen.
it returns boolean basedn on condition you can decide to continue or exit.

Hope my inputs are helpful.

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Hi :slight_smile:
What you are describing looks like a button, if it is I would recommend just using Element exists instead of image exists. It’s a lot more reliable.
And as you mentioned yourself, you can use a while loop that keeps going until a Boolean of your choosing(maybe you call it notFinished) turns false. You make it false in an if statement when the element exists and you make it click at the same time. Then your program clicks and exits the loop at the same time.

It is a button :slight_smile: I have now used element exists.
I put it inside the while loop as you can see in the picture. I am Not sure what you think I should do now? How shall I continue @Bettelej

Right before the while loop you should create a variable in an ‘assign’ and maybe call it notFinished and set it to true. It should be a boolean.

notFinished = true

Now you can use that variable in your condition, so the while loop will continue to go until your ‘notFinished’ variable is set to false.

Then you make an if statement under your element exists where the condition is:

elementExists(which is the boolean value you get from your element exists output)
notFinished = false

then your program will make the ‘Click’ and your notFinished variable will be set to false. Then the if statement will exit and the while loop will check again if the notFinished is true, which it is not, and you will exit the loop and go on in your program.

Maybe it’s easier to see it here :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

Thank you very much :slight_smile: It helped me a great bit. The only problem is, that it clicks the button one time, but I need it to keep clicking it (it displays 100 filer per click, so it has to click until there are no more files) can I set it to repeat until it cant click the button anymore? :slight_smile:

Then you need another while loop in your if statement that will keep going until the element doesn’t exist anymore. And in that while loop is where you will click.
So it will say:

  • While notFinished
  • Check if element exists
  • If Element exists
  • Then make another while loop
  • where it keeps going until the element does not exist anymore.
  • This loop will keep clicking until it ends.
  • then the element stops existing and ends.
  • Then the notFinished is set to false.
    Then the first loop stops.
    Then your program goes on.

Like so:

Main.xaml (10.3 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile: I tried that, but for some reason it still doesnt work :frowning: And I cant upload my workflow here. I dont think I can get further with this project.

Do you have en e-mail I can send it to? Maybe you can check it? I have walked through the code with a fine toothed comb, but I cant find why it doesnt work?? :open_mouth:

Go ahead :slight_smile:

this activity cant open …am getting below errors

Could not find type ‘SendOutlookMail’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 120, Column: 14

how to solve this?