Emails from Orchestrator

Hi Guys,

Don’t have much hands on exp with Orchestrator, is Orchestrator capable of sending emails? For instance:

  1. If Uipath has crashed and the logs are not getting updated for say > 5 mins, I want an email to be sent out.

  2. Robot kicks off by an email at 6am, if the email is not received by 8am, Orchestrator should send out an email as there are no logs. (this can be done inside the robot, but want to know if Orchestrator is capable of doing it)

It is sending email alerts based on many types of crashes.

This shall be implemented at the robot level. Another robot will check if the email was or not received.

Thanks @badita

Does #1 exisit in below version? That’s what we are currently using

If not by orchestrator instead of using 2nd robot, I’m planning to check the top 1 email date and compare with today’s and if false, will send out an email after 8am(only 1 email)

DateTime.Parse(VarMailList.Item(0).Headers(“Date”)).ToString(“MMddyy”) <> now.ToString(“MMddyy”)

No. In 2016.2 and upgraded in 2017.1

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