Email with same name

Hello i have a robot that downloads pdf files from a mail. It then saves the pdf files from mail and moves them to a folder. Only problem here its that some of the files have the same name and then overwrites eachother. I DO NOT WANT THAT, how can i for example assign a name to the pdf files before downloading them to mail OR make it not overwrite any files ??

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Usually it will get saved like a single if there is two files having same name

May I know why it was sent with two files having same name
If possible can we send that as two different mails or two different named files in a single mail

Because If we try to save even manually with two files having same name we will be asked for replacing while saving

Cheers @langsem

Its replacing the files, and the files cant be sent as different names. I get one mail containing 40-200 different mails, but some of the mails can have same name. So need a function that can either assign a unique name to each email before download or make it not replace at all