Email Trigger Process

Dear Team,

I just want to trigger my RPA application through email and i will create specific trigger email through windows task scheduler

Instead of using Uipath Orchestrator shall i use this email trigger process.

If i follow this process any performance related issue will arrive? Kindly suggest me.


Yes, you can use it but you need to have a robust design for the same.

see this… it will be useful for you to monitor and read your outlook email and find out proper command to start bot process. once you send required keyword in the email then monitor event will read it and start active real bot. until then monitor event just monitor and read and go into sleep for a while and re active…

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Thanks for the quick replay.

Actually i want to run my RPA solution every day so instead using this mail triggering better i can use DELAY activities is that correct?

Kindly help me a correct way.

It’s all depends on your requirements. If you wanted to run on daily basis… with only specific time … like 1H or 2H and it is not advisable to engage PC for monitoring purpose.

So, design a schedule in orchestrator. That I’ll be useful for this kind of scheduling.

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Thanks for your guidelines