Email Subject contains other language characters,


I am adding Email Subjects to Orchestrator Queue, i am using Get outlook Mali Messages activity to get the email Subjects. Sometimes, Email Subject contains Spanish Alphabets. Problem is bot is adding the correct Email Subject to Orchestrator and Sometimes, whenever there is a Spanish alphabet bot is changing it “\u00” and adding the value. I tried to add the same Email Subject to Queue Item, first time it added correct email subject, but second time it added the “\u00” in the email subject. Is there any way, we can make sure it should take the correct value always? I have added screenshots for reference.

SanthoshSecond Run, Same Email Firsr RUn Queue Item

Use the unescape function when picking items from queue:

Example for Assign:

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I will try. Thanks for the reply

If it works, and it should, mark it as solution.