Email Sender Identification

HI All. I am working on the Email automation project, which requires me to save the attachment from any person of the IBD department.

This means I need to build the variable in Config excel. And it enable me to filter the email according to the sender (any person from that department). lets say the entire department email address is

I dont know how to build such variable. Can anyone help? many thx

@mason_wong - if your going to automate a company related mailbox’s - try using Active Directory and use ActiveDirectory.GetUserAttribute to get all user related stuff…

you can simply check sender mail id contains("")
if its True - do the process
else - ignore…

Hi, GBK. Thank you for your reply. I am keen to use If Else method that you have mentioned. can you elaborate more about it as im still a bit confuse who to do it.

many thx

@mason_wong- flow similar to

read the config and assign the value to a variable in your process
stribdmailbox = Config(“idbmailbox”).ToString

  • get outlook mail message activity
  • for each mail activity
  • check if mail.sender.contains(stridbmailbox)
  • true block perform attachment related activities
  • false block perform other business logic if any

Thx GBK, I will try

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