Email Report tab missing on share options

Hey all,

I have Insights set up and running well, and I am now looking to share the reports with our team and customers. However, as I try to follow the steps given in the docs (Dashboard Ownership and Sharing) I noticed I dont have the Email reports tab visible on the Share options.

How can I make it visible and access the Email reporting settings?

Thanks for the answer in advance!

Hey all,

adding to the thread in case anyone else might be facing the same topic.

So I was able to find the cause for this, and it was a silly one at that. During installation of Insights we had missed the tab for setting up email reporting (email server configuration.)

To fix it you will need to modify the installation and set up your SMTP server (as it’s an installation time setting, so you need to go to Control Panel > Add/ Remove Programs and select modify).

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