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Hi I have a scenario regarding the email.

Ex. I am mailing a doc from the to If you observe attach the doc already which is sent to
But when reply back with the same attachment after modification/approved to Now will show the two attachments in an inbox, one which is sent to and 2nd which response back to
So here I want to download the recent attachcment not both is it possible. ??
@Palaniyappan If you not understand the scenario I will give you live example bro.

Make sure that the onlyunreadmessage and markasread is checked
so that once the first mail is sent from to and getting back the mail from to will be in unread stage so that the get outlook mail activity will read only that unread message only
Cheers @balkishan

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Fine I understand bro, But it’s showing me the two attachments in the Inbox which I received from the
1st attachment which sent from to
2nd when reply back with the same email to
so robo will see two attchements in the inbox and download it. But I want to download which is modified from
see the timing also.

If you see here it’s showing 2 after my name, means two email one send and one received.

Hope you understand the scenario bro. @Palaniyappan @ImPratham45

Though it shows two attachment it will download only the recent unread message
That would work for sure buddy
Cheers @balkishan

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