Email Query to check mail box

Hi everyone,

I m reading mails from the outlook continuously
But for some subject I need to check the mail box for every 15 minutes
And for some subject I need to check the mail box for every 30 minutes

I d’not want to use delay activity

How to do this

Thanks and Regargs,

by using orcastators you can do this go to orchastators robot you have to click the go to the trigers and set the time by using robot

Hi @Chethan_P

Is i not possible without using Orchestrator


Hi @Chethan_P

Working on the Attended robot currrently



HI @supu123

For this scenario, the easiest would be to get the process schedulesd through the Orchestrator to run at a specific time interval based on the requirement

If you are unable to use the Orchestrator, have separate processes developed and run with attended mode by asking a user to execute it. Through attended automation, if you have the agent desktop, you can schedule the process so that it will send you an alert to execute the process


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