Email Processing

I need to check whether it is alphanumeric or not in subject line in Gmail…i need to filter mails based alphanumeric member ID…what can i put the expression in switch condition


After retrieving mails, use for each and loop mailmessage. Check mail.subject using ‘Is Match’, it returns Boolean value based on which you can take decision.


ok i will do this

can u show me some example its coming false for numeric character

If you have certain pattern to check, please use the below as example

This will return true if your input has “ABCD12” pattern.

[a-zA-Z]- Comprises both small and capital letters
{4}- fixed length of 4 characters
{2}- fixed length of 2 numbers

The RegEx type ‘Email’ will check for valid email address format. You can hover over the “i”(blue circle) in the right side to know what it is used for.


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