Email Notification post terminating/cancelling through Orchestrator Scheduler

Hey Folks,
In Orchestrator Scheduler, we have the feature to Terminate or Cancel if the job is running more than xxDays xxHours and xxMinutes.
I am taking 3 minutes for example here.

Here is the screenshot.

Is there any way around so that if the robot is reaching to 3 minutes and it is getting Cancelled/ Terminated, it should trigger an email notification to users…?

Something like… “The execution was longer and it took up to 3 minutes. So it got terminated. Check manually for job details.” Text can be anything.

If we can solve this requirement in any other ways also, that will be great.

@ovi @badita @aksh1yadav @ddpadil Guys!! Your ideas will be appreciated. Please help.

Terminate won’t work. The process is killed.
Can’t you use Cancel and Should Stop?

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