Email in Outlook

Hai everyone,
Here I want to open an Outlook mail meaasages in inbox.

  1. Open the outlook account it’s working well
  2. I want to click 5 unread messages
    So here

    I want to click first unread messages after delay 2 minutes I want to open 2 unread messages

I used here foreach activity and pass dynamic variable but it’s not clicking showing error

And here i am passing dynamics variable

The error is showing me is this one:

Can you give suggestions to how can do that part.
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Hi @siva_sankar

Why can’t you use Outlook activitiy in Uipath for working with Outlook


Nived N :robot:

Yeah I used getoutlook mail messages

Can you tell me the solution how it’s open the unread messages.

By get Outlook message u will get a list of mail message

Then u need to.iterate through each of it to retrve the details of the mail

Can you tell me the stepwise on which activity we would like to use this. I can’t understand this one.
Help me please

Hi @siva_sankar

Kindly check this tutorial , this will help you

Get Outlook Mail Message in UiPath | Outlook Automation | UiPath RPA - YouTube

Mark it as solution if it helps you


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

It’s showing the message box on body and subject but I need to click on that and view unread messages. Have you have any idea