EMail Functionality Generates Time Out Error In Insights

What steps to perform when the email functionality is not working from Insights?

Issue Description: EMail functionality is not working from Insights. However, "Report sent" message is displayed in Insights and user is able to send email using powershell script.


  • Check galaxy.log and reporting-service.log files for errors occurring generating report and sending email.
  • If the error message is related to time out while making connection as given below, increase the timeout value in localhost:3030 under base configuration -> EMail. Refer the below screenshot.

e.g of error message :- [Error sending mail: {"code":"ETIMEDOUT","command":"CONN"}]


  • If the error message is related to authentication like below,

[Error sending mail: {"code":"EAUTH","response":"504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type","responseCode":504,"command":"AUTH PLAIN"}]

  • This error means that Sisense can not pass through authentication on the email server using the default auth method (email_server.customAuthMethod is empty).
  • This can be fixed by using the configuration without authentification and removing values marked in yellow.