Email Exchange Sub-folder not founded - corrupted email profile


I used to be able to read the subfolder in my outlook inbox using this activity


But couple days ago, all in a suddenly, I started getting this “Folder not found” message…


I have that folder in place though…


Is there something that I need to fix on the outlook side? I don’t understand why it worked before but now it doesn’t work. Same activity with another user profile works fine… It’s just my email account…

Have you the correct setting for the Exchange Server Version?

It has been working with 2007… I tried to change it to 2016. Same thing. Only my own email profile does not work… not others.

I also tried to do\Inbox\sub

I tend to enter the e-mail auto discover as well, this may help

where did you do Auto-discover?
ya my set up is like yours except ExchangeVersion which I use 2007 and “IsBodyHtml” which is irrelevant in this case… Thank you for trying to help though

It’s displayed in your original post :blush: